"The Swalrus is a magical creature. A beast with the smooth body lines of a graceful swallow and the mighty head of a walrus."

-Professor Peter Parker III



State of the Swalrus:
Taking the message to the people

A voice in the Swalrus community for over two years. Mark Schumaker talks almost exclusively not about swalri on his blog. Find out more inside


Swalrus Enviromnent Conservation
In Search of American Fuels

'In Search of Elusive American Fuels' is a documentary that follows two young women across the country in a biodiesel Mercedes. Chasing the dream of American fuels and Swalrus migration patterns.


Swalri Vs Polar Bears:
The Battle Continues

Photgrapher Wade Chi follows the grizzly action as swarms of vicious swalri attack defensless polar bears as their environments collapse. It may be natures way, but it isn't pretty.


Camels and Christmas:
The Swalrus Connection

There once was a little town of Bethlehem, where 3 wise men came calling on the backs of camels. Recently uncovered evidence suggests that the Swalrus may have been present also.


The Tiger:
The swalrus's only natural predator

The battles have been intense. Over the years we have seen herds of Swalri take down many a ferocious beast. But nothing prepared us for the sight of vicious Swalrus on tiger action.


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